Children’s Assessment and Therapy Services (C.A.T.S)

In 2008, after many years of working together

  • Mosman Language and Learning Centre
  • Beverley Clarke, Occupational Therapy Services

joined together to form:


“Children’s Assessment and Therapy Services (C.A.T.S)”. 

C.A.T.S is a family centered service providing a multidisciplinary approach to the assessment and therapy of children with developmental difficulties.

C.A.T.S enables families to easily access assessment and therapy in the areas of speech pathology, occupational therapy and early intervention with professionals who work closely and confidently together.

C.A.T.S allows for therapy to be prioritised according to the needs of the family as there is close collaboration between all the therapists.

C.A.T.S is able to provide a holistic approach to the overall wellbeing of the child by working closely with family, pre-school and other professionals.

C.A.T.S is a registered provider for the NDIA.