More of Our Team

Julie Chesterfield has dual postgraduate qualifications in education and psychology.  She is a registered psychologist and a specialist teacher.  Julie is a Member of the Australian Psychological Society (MAPS), a Member of the Anxiety Practitioner’s Network and a Member of the Learning Difficulties Coalition of NSW.

Julie has had considerable experience as a classroom teacher and a learning support teacher in both public and private schools.  She has had postgraduate training in gifted education and learning difficulties and she has had specialist training in developmental reading difficulties and behaviour difficulties.  Julie has also worked in private practice as a psychologist treating adults and children with mental health concerns.  Julie has over twenty years experience working with children and families.  Currently, Julie is completing a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Macquarie University.

Julie understands how difficulty with learning and behaviour erodes a child’s self-esteem and confidence.  She fosters belief in the unique qualities and talents of individuals and their need, and right, to fulfil their potential.  Julie helps children and their parents to develop strategies to transcend difficulties and foster strengths in the areas of development, learning (literacy and numeracy) and behaviour and anxiety.

Julie’s expertise is in the area of:

  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessments (IQ and Academic Assessments) – Children and Adolescents
  • Individual Therapy for Learning Difficulties – Reading, Maths, Spelling, Written Expression
  • Individual Therapy for Psychological Difficulties – Children and Adults
  • Behaviour Management Strategies for Parents
  • School Consultation – Learning support including gifted children and behaviour difficulties
  • Special Provisions for external examinations

To speak to Julie Chesterfield or to make an appointment, please call her on 0412 414 114