Language Development

Below is a brief summary of language development.  Children can vary in their language development especially in the early years, so this is a guide only.

6 months Baby makes a range of sounds (babbling).  Turns to name.  Responds to human voices by turning.  Responds to different tones in voice (happy/angry)
12 months Child starts to use “words” with meaning – this may be part of a word.  Understands simple instructions especially with visual clues. Begins to be aware of social side to communication
18 months Vocabulary continues to develop to approximately 5-20 words.  Mainly nouns.  Will imitate words.  Lots of sounds with intonation.  Can follow simple instructions
24 months Starting to name familiar objects.  Vocab between 150-300 words.  Beginning to combine words into phrases.  May use “in” and “on” and “I” and “me”.  Responds to commands such as “Clap your hands”
36 months Vocabulary increases to 900-1000 words.  Greater use of verbs.  Sentences are longer.  Grammatical structure developing indicating tense, plurals.  Understanding questions and asking “Why?”
48 months Connecting sentences together.  Understands more complex instructions. Language has strong social use and is more imaginative.  Knows most colours and numbers.
60 months Grammatical structure almost fully developed.  Wide vocabulary knowledge.  Beginning to understand time concepts.  Starting to demonstrate early literacy awareness