Assessment of Communication Development:

Our assessment of your child is carried out in a relaxed, fun-filled environment.  We want to see how your child can communicate – and the best way to do that is when they are enjoying themselves and feeling relaxed.

Our assessment can cover

  • listening and attention
  • speech sound development
  • receptive and expressive language skills
  • play skills (especially important in young children)
  • fluency of speech (stuttering)
  • swallowing, tongue thrust and dribbling and feeding issues
  • voice quality
  • literacy and learning

We do formal assessments with standardised tests as well, but this is dependent on the age and stage of your child and often more relevant for an older pre-school or school-aged child.

Our assessments take about 45 minutes and at the end we will discuss with you the outcomes of the assessment and make recommendations depending on the strengths and weakness of your child’s communication development.

Planning for therapy is based on the therapist’s assessment and the parents’ main concerns.  We develop achievable goals for your child and set up therapy sessions to fit with the family timetable.


Therapy sessions are family-focused in that there is close involvement with family members and awareness of the communicative needs of the child within the family.

Individual sessions are usually once a week, but it is dependent on the needs of your child.

The therapy sessions are 45 minutes during which we work 1:1 with your child in their areas of developmental need.

At the end of the session, we go through the activities that need to be carried out at home. The homework is fun and set so that it is easily achievable in the busy lives of families.


With your permission we keep in contact with other professionals who might be working with your child and also their pre-school/school.