Pre-School Screening

Mosman Language and Learning Centre carries out pre-school screenings at a number of local preschools.  This is organised at the request of the pre-school director.

A pre-school speech and language screening is a positive and useful way to assess whether a child needs to have some help with their communication development.

The short assessment can indicate whether a child has some difficulties and guide their parents and the pre-school towards the appropriate assistance to help the child.

Communication difficulties in children can be a result of:

  • Delay in speech sound development
  • Delay in acquiring language – both understanding and talking
  • Delay in developing listening and attention skills
  • Difficulties in fluency (stuttering)
  • Poor play development, poor peer interaction
  • Disruptive/aggressive behaviour
  • Poor voice quality – hoarseness or loss of voice
  • Drooling, poor or fussy feeding

At the pre-school, one of our speech pathologists will screen the children individually looking at all aspects of communication. The screening involves some short screening tests as well as talking and listening to the child while playng games and generally having fun.

The screening takes 10-15 minutes.  Parents are welcome to sit in on the screening and can ring our practice if they wish to discuss anything further.

A summary report is provided to parents and pre-school regarding the child’s communication development and recommendations are made.

If you are a pre-school teacher/director and would like to discuss having a speech and language screening at your pre-school, please contact one of the speech pathologists on (02) 9968 4075 or contact us through this website.